Information regarding the proper procedure and contact information to secure a USA or DVG judge for a trial

All SV Judge requests should be submitted to UScA President Frank Phillips from the parent organization of the club wishing to have an SV Judge.

FCI and other International Judge Requests:
All requests should be submitted to the AWDF Secretary from the parent organization of the club wishing to have an international Judge

UScA Judges:
When asking for a working SchH / IPO judge from USA:
You must contact and send a letter of request to the USA DOJ Nathanial Roque. The policy states that the UScA Regional Director director needs to be contacted first BUT if your club is NOT a UScA club please direct
your requests to Mr. Roque.  Here is the list of judges:

DVG Policy for securing Judges
AWDF organizations that wish to obtain a DVG judge for a trial, all applications and requests must be sent to the LV/DVG America Chief of judges, Lisa Little.  By DVG/Germany rules, no judge can be
assigned or accept an assignment to a trial that the application has not gone through the Landesverband chief of judges, whether that's here or in Germany.

Judges not recognized internationally or by other AWDF member clubs
Please keep in mind titles attained under judges that are not recognized outside the United States may hinder teams wishing to attain new titles, compete nationally and possibly internationally under the AWDF umbrella.

I have included the following references posted below.

Reference WDA minutes pages 8 &14,%202008)%20Final1.pdf

Reference on Page 3 of the AWDF May 2010 minutes

Reference on Page 5 of the AWDF June 2009 Minutes